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Rosen Rap Inspiration!

As part of their topic 4T have been looking at different musical styles including Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie and R ‘n’ B! As part of this they learned and adapted the opening to Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight and then created their own raps using Michael Rosen’s ‘Michael Rosen Rap’ as our framework! Enjoy!

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saving the ocean

Hi guys so as a class i have been looking at  saving the oceans. I want to help the ocean from plastic pollution because i love animals!!!

I think we should all be picking ip litter and cleaning up after our self!!I want to make a differens to the world it is not fair to let the sea creatures die because of us we want to live so do they.



Image result for plastic in sea pictures

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all about the live lesson(blue plant)

Hi readers

I’m writing because we learned about blue abyss

In school we have been learning things about sea life and how to protect the environment , blue plant and how to save the environment 


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My day at school

Hi what is up so I haven’t been posting for a while sorry I have been feeling down. Today I had a   Supply  Theacher so was ok I  guess  So ya I did som  art in the afternoon it was fun. When I got home I had chippy for dinner tasty. Oh I’ll be posting  another chapter of my story.     So bye

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Listen to my latest phonecast

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Listen to my latest phonecast

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Listen to my latest phonecast

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Listen to my latest phonecast

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Miss Armstrogna

Listen to my latest phonecast

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Yashika Rap

Listen to my latest phonecast

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4T rappers

Listen to my latest phonecast

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Hi,everyone who is seeing the blog

I would like to wish to a happy Christmas !

hope yon enjoy your Christmas and all the best wishes!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you enjoy Christmas

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I love Boughton leigh junior school

I  love bough-ton Leigh junior school because everyone is just so caring  and every-one is so helpful. I feel so lucky that I got lots of friends and my class + my teacher. I so lucky that Mr Gaskell  made a blog page to tell you all about what happening.

   Thanks Mr Gaskell!

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About Year 4 Christmas play By Charlie hill!!!!

My name is Charlie hill some of you may know me im very funny im in 4 dickens know i will tell about  year 4

Christmas play! we will be doing louds of song will make you want to sing along with the uear 4 the old people at the back may not hear haa mr gaskgel

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Christmas is around the corner!!!

Christmas is just around the corner we have our Christmas play’s also we have are winter fair so lots of fun.

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About Bljs

  • I am really lucky because I have good classmates and they are Me Aaryan Alfie Asharnie Ava Callum Chimdike Corey Emily Harley Isabelle Jessica Joel Jordan Lena Lexi Logan Macey Maksim Nisha Oliver Rimsha Sam Taya Tommy Tyrell William Zimo Zoe Zoha and they help me all the time when ever I am upset. I also help them when they are upset and Sam, Lena Macey Lexi Alfie always will be my BFFS for ever!.I am also lucky that Mr Gaskell helped us and found out that we have blogs and we can do blogs for fun 


About My Fun School !

My fun school has everything,

My fun school has lots of friends

My fun school is the best 

My fun school create your future !

by Nisha Mistry

Thank – You  for READING !

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The abandoned basement !!!!

one dark and stormy night in the year 1920 a new house was made in a dark ali .The dark ali started to be suny and popular and the place were every body wanted to live.but one day the street changed again in 1930 the house that was built about 10 years ago got nocked down by a recking ball! the people sadly died inside the building but the basement servive and they disisided to use it for a good thing so they used it as a sience lab. all it needed was a little dust and some sience eqipment . when the lab was finished the most CRAZY siencet in the world bought it and that CRAZY sientists name was bob hey and he obyolily loved sience intill one day he messed up he souted “HELP” he put the wrong thing in his mix ture and the basement exploded

to be continuied……….


All About Me !

My name called Nisha and I have 4 sister , 3 of them went to bljs  it a great school of FUN! My birthday is on November 17th my great Granddad died on after  New Years it sad but it okay…

My grandma stayed at Ashton , it boring without her she got the drama with her . Did you guess know that I have a had 6 ( six ) grandma & granddad more . I called one of my grandma big grandma .

by Nisha Mistry

Bye Thank – you for reading ! 🙂


Match day 10th November

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the lost forest !

Once upon time there was a boy named Jay and he was your every day boy he loved football and sport.But one day Jay went on a walking the nice calm woods were lots of people were walking at the time but Jay lost track of time and the way he was going.He heard a noise he whispered in shock nothing answered but it was just a stray cat .Jay sighed in relief he then said “I wonder how to get out of hear?” he carried on walking but it started to get cold and dark and he had no  wifi so he couldn’t call any one he finally found light he walked towards it it seemed like it was a new world he stepped inside and it was later on that day he saw with his own eyes he suddenlyJay woke up and said “good gob that was a dream!”

thank you for reading my story the lost forest bye. 


Punctuation Quest – A New Hope!

As the Jedi knights of punctuation, your quest is to score as many points as you can within your blog! But remember, use them wisely my Padawan! Using them incorrectly will cause you to suffer point loss!

Go forth, and May 4th be with you!


Full Stop = 2 points
Comma = 1 point
Inverted Commas = 3 points
Question Mark = 5 points
Exclamation Mark = 5 points
Colon = 3 points
Semi-Colon = 3 points
Ellipses = 5 points
Hyphen = 5 points
Brackets = 3 points

At the end of your post total your points!

If you are commenting on a Punctuation Quest post then see if you agree with their total and see if you can spot where they’ve missed/losy points!


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All about me !

Hi my name is Emily and right now I am going to tell you a little bit about me so lets get started.

So as you all ready know my name is Emily and I am eight years old and I’m a brunette. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite sport is skiing.My favourite thing to do when I’m bored is to blog like I am now.I have a eleven year old brother Oliver and in my opinion he is quiet annoying but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him.Im in 4 diary and I have a wonderful teacher miss drake.I love to make friends with new people and people that has already joined BLJS.

Thank you for reading my blog

bye see you soon.



Without electricity our life would be very different. There would be no electric lights or computers, and machines such as kettles, cars and toasters would not work. Electricity is a  very useful from of energy. It can be easily changed into light or heat . Electricity.flows along a wire in a path called a circuit . Here ,the bulb lights up when electricity stored in the battery travels along the wire .


the tiger

Once apona time there was a jungle with a tiger in the jungle the tiger ran out of the jungle and ended up in a circus.It was a very sunny day but the people decided that they should  move to the beach and so they did.And at the and of the show the tigers went to bed all snuggly.


The Romans

The Italian city of Rome was first settled in about 753BCE .Within 500 years, the Roman  had conquered most of Italy.They went on to rule a huge empire which stretched across Europe, Western Asia and North Africa .They built long,straight roads from one city to another .The Roman empire lasted until 476CE . Roman dress included cloaks ,tunics shawls , long dresses ,leather boots and sandals. Most clothes were made from wool

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The adventure tortoise

once apona time there was a tortoise called sam. one day sam axedently found his way out of the house.that day sam manedged to get to africa then back home every day and every day sam always goes some different  place like australia,wales,poland,canada and sam does it all in one may think well thats impossible but not for this guy.once sam traveled all the way around the country.and then sam ended back at his lovley home.

The End

By lexi flynn


My day out

Ones up on a time a boy went out for a day out. But something unusual happed to him he felt   Strengths And many other things… he was becoming green! His mum asked him “are you ok” he sad” yes yes I am fine”sure”. He went to a doctor he said “you are becoming a superhero” he said omg” he tried to open the door but the Handel snapped.

To be continued …

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The walking teddy bare

Onse apona time there was a little girl who was about to go to bed and she cuddled her teddy nice and cosey.The little girl woke up and her teddy was gone so she told her mum and dad that her teddy has gone missing.The parents said”get ready for school and when your at school well look for your teddy”so they did.When the little girl was back home she said”have you found my teddy yet”mum replied “no we haven’t”the girl was sad.They were shore that it would turn up some day.It took a week to even get a tiny bit closer.Within a nother week or so the little girl saw the teddy walking on its feet so the family chased the bare until…

They had finaly captured the teddy bare and the little girl was never letting that teddy go ever again.That day the little girl was as happy as cat and it never happened again.


about me

Hi my name is lexi and im going to tell you about my life.In my life i have a brother and a sister  my brother is 14 years old and my sister is 12 years old . my brothers name is joshua rece flynn and my sisters name is hayley shanon flynn. my dad is 46 years old and his name is robert.Me and nisha are going throo a hard time right now i feel bad for nishas grandad and my great nan me and nisha are the only people in the class and know one knows how it feels.

By lexi Flynn.

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My day

Hi guys how we doing I am fine wanted to say a very big sorry to Nisha about her grandad I went thoug it to I now how it feels! So on to the real  Business  So I got home and my dog ripped my shorts my mum got mad with her. It is my brother birthday tomorrow so hope you say happy birthday! For me. I recommend a book called ‘gagster granny’ I read it and it is so funny I love it.

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The three little fairy!

Once a upon a time there was three little fairy’s. The first little fairy was called Alice and her job was to  keep the outside of the house clean. The second  was  called Lily  her job was to  keep the fairy houses clean.the last fairy was called Twinks and she was the plant keeper . one sunny day the farriers went out then so thing happen  to the fairy’s.The fairy’s got captured  by the demon and took away the fairy’s. when the queen hear the news she got shocked because they got captured and the queen need them. so  all the others fairy’s went out and fond the missing fairy’s . Then they captured the demon and took him away to the lake and reused the fairy’s . then everyone went home calm and save and live happily ever after.

Hope you enjoy reading !


my day at school

In the morning I got to school and did my S.O.D.E  it is morning activity. Then  I did comprehension  and I like it.Then I learn about the soccer fence and we freeze framed how he felt and wrote about it.Then it was break time .Then we did math dividing by 10 for one  hour and 15 min.Then it was lunch time and I ate my lunch and went outside.Then it was the afternoon and I read for 10 min and then  we did blogging for two hour all afternoon  .  Then it was the end of the day.

                                                 Hope you enjoyed reading!

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My Hobbs

Hi guys my name is Sam and I like to cook dinner with my mum she is the best mum ever I love her. Nearl eny day I help with dinner she said I Mack the yummyest dinners ever my brother doesn’t agree with my mum. I like basket ball if you don’t I am not saying you are not my friend. I also love hot choclat it is so yum. I love all the theacher in my school they help me a lot. I like going to the movies it is my best hobby.i like playing on my trampoline. I love all my pets I have a puppy called maya. I  appreciate all my family and friends they help me with all my problems.

My time is up hope you like my hobby’s


happy dawali

hope every one has had a happy dawali i dont celebrate dawali but still i can say happy dawali  to people that celebrate it if your seing this nisha sorry about your grandad hope your ok now here if you need me and i mean it lets carry on with me saying happy dawali shall we ok then if im wrong tell me i think dawali is a festival of candles  am i rhight if im not i will get an egg and slap it on my head *laughter*.


my hobby and life

my hobby is adventures football being funny rugby boxing and family time and my dream thing to do is go sky diving and diving with my family and frends i also have 3 dogs 2 rabits 1 cat and 1 horse and i realy like crafting me and my uncle and grandad made a fast car step by step we baught nothing not even the METAL WE ACTALY MADE METAL!!i love it we alwase have oil dirt on are faces in my bedroom i have 1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12! teddys like tiger from christiper robins 3 dogs 2 monceys 1 hulk 2 bearsn 1 rabit and finally 2 unicorns.

bye harley d

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facts about diwale

  1. diwale is a celebration and fireworks. it was 5th of Novenber and it was good. bicos its fun . fireworks and light. it was in fair if a fair explod it was bad  Read the rest of this entry »

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about me

hi its me harley  and its my sisters birthday so hope you wish her a happy birthday and who wached munited vs christion ranaldos team because i love footballhope you do to i also like rugby i subort lester tigers but i think a football and rugby teams are amazing if you dont like football or rugby you are still an amazing person i am 9 years old i have a twin 2 sisters one sister is 4 today and one is 5 my twin is obusly 9 as well and i have 4 cousns and 4 step sisters and 2 step brothers

bye from your boy harley d


Diwali !

the city Leicester in the united kingdom holds the largest diwali celibrations outside of India. 

today this facinating festival is on Wednesday 7th November 2018.


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Different facts about Diwali

Diwali is an India celebration but it celebrated by sikhs  and jains. people exchange gift and sweets also delicious feast 

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About diwali

More then 800 million people celebrate Diwali and its not only the hindu people who celebrates Diwali.

people who celebrates it eats mithai, samosa chirote barfi and more.

It is the most important holiday for people who celebrates Diwali and they celebrate it for 5 days.

You give your house a makeover and  their is six more stuff what you half to do if you celebrate.

It is celebrated in India.

 Thank you for liserning and have a happy Diwali to the people who celebrates it.

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thing i know about diwali

i  iI know that they dont eat chicken or fish on Diwali

Diwali is a celebration not christmas or a birthday and any over thing like that Diwali people light very nice candles and it says stuff sometime.

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Diwali Day!!!!

Diwali is a time for people to do fireworks and have a good time and try new foods.And the end

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Diwali facts

Did you now they keep all the doors and windows open on Diwali so Lakshmi can come in. on Diwali they decorate the floors with Amazing patterns. They  celebrate with lodes of fireworks and huge displays.They don’t eat chicken or fish on Diwali. Did you now that Diwali was made by a story.The demon god caught sita but she got saved by rama. They put up lamps so that rama and sita could get lead home. more than 800 million people celebrate Diwali. Diwali is also celebrated in honor of Lakshmi. In the story the monkey helps them on they trip home and helps them when they bump into the demon and start a fight. Did you now that Diwali is one of the biggest events. Lakshmi is a god  of Diwali.

happy Diwali ! h Read the rest of this entry »

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facts about diwali

Diwali is about a story called Rama rama was a person how used a bow and arrow they went to a forest there was a woman she wanted rama to love her but he said no when she found lucks she said do you like me he said no then she was in her real form her skin was white then lucks used his sword and cut off her nose she ran to her father the demon king he was furious he sent, his army to kill them they found a monkey army there was a god they pass the sea and the demon army, rama was  shooting arrows at the demon king the demon kings brother his weakness point and rama used the arrow from the gods the demon king died.

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dawali time

1)there are over 800 people that celebrate dawali


it is a festival of light .

celebrated to honor rama-chalda.


they don`t eat meat.

 itstival of darkness and evil vs good and light
 light deffeted the demon king Ravana.

you don`t spell davali like that you spell it like dawali .

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About Diwali in India

  1. 800 people celebrate Diwali and it is good for India.
  2. it is a good honor that they celebrate Diwali instead of other holidays.
  3. Diwali is celebrated on the 15th of November 
  4.  the 15th day on the Hindu month of Kartika.
  5. Also they speak in India language and it is good for them to celebrate  Diwali
  6. Diwali is celebrated on the 7th of November every year.
  7. The festival of Diwali does have lots of fireworks and lanterns to celebrate and the lanterns of for so you can see the houses at night.
  8. Also if there  are any more different people from different people from different countries can celebrate Diwali as well in there very own time .
  9. Also Diwali is the wonderful holiday in India to celebrate.
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Diwali food and facts !!!!!!!!!!

 Diwali is a celebrtion of light and the story of rarmer and seater  walking home and light to see the parth  home and this is because when they killed the 10 head deaman. did you know that lestern had  the bigest diwali in england it is go0d and so cool! one of my frend is a hidous.

And happy Diwali!!!!!!

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Diwali facts

did you now that more than 800 people go to celebrate Diwali every year.Diwali is celebrated on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartika.Hinduism is a major religion of India, and is considered to be the oldest religion in the world.Diwali is celebrated in honer of Lakshmi – the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity.The same night that Diwali is celebrated,Jains celebrated a festival of lights to mark the attainment moksha by mahavira.Did you know that Diwali is the biggest light show in the world and that its also celebrated on guy falks. Read the rest of this entry »

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Diwali is celebrated by Hindu’s or other places in the world.It also means good vs evil Hindu’s don’t eat meat in Diwali.In India and England we celebrate Diwali with fireworks and sparklers.Diwali has five days for Hindu’s to celebrate DIWALI!

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